Aquatic Environment Rules

Commonly Referenced Aquatic Environment Rules


Holding Breath: Taking 1 Move Action/round: can hold breath # of rounds = CON X 2

Taking a full round or standard action reduces the maximum time breath can be held by 1 round.
After this duration, the creature must pass a CON check with a DC = 10 + (# of rounds past duration).
Upon failing this test: Round 1: Creature falls unconscious and is reduced to their Threshold WP. Round 2: the creature loses 1 WP and is dying. Round 3: Creature is reduced to 0 WP and is dead.

Hypothermia (in water)

For every 30 min a creature is immersed in water, it must pass a Fortitude Save DC=15 + 1/previous check or take 1d6 VP damage.
Cold Water: the check frequency is reduced to every 5 min of immersion.
Frigid Water: The check frequency is reduced to ever 5 rounds of immersion.
If a creature takes any VP damage from hypothermia, they become Fatigued.


Prevailing Weather Conditions
d100 Result
01-10 Becalmed, Avg Temp
11-60 Calm, Avg Temp
61-70 Heat Wave or Cold Snap
71-90 Inclement, windy
91-99 Thunderstorm (1d4-1 hours)
100 Squalling Daughter (1d6+2 hours)

Aquatic Environment Rules

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