The Descendants of Doraz

The events that transpired in and around Garrenburg, county Dellrod, Osil nearly eighty years ago defy common belief. A sleepy town known primarily for a particular variety of cheese and high-quality honey, Garrenburg was never a point of conflict in local or regional politics.

Their troubles began when a traveling alchemist, Nightwinter, began selling a powder to the townsfolk that was supposed to increase their “nuptial vitality”. Shortly after she left town, many who had purchased and used this powder transformed into lycanthropes of various kinds, most of which were relatively harmless. Many others were violent, bloodthirsty monsters, and the chaos and fear that followed forced the Captain of the Guard, Marcus Finniggan, to organize a posse of townsfolk to track down the alchemist and question him.

The posse consisted of his lieutenant Thomas, a gnome color-mage named Solveig Skuld, a priest named Good Brother Jamie, a halfling acrobat called Seraphina, a raconteur named Sen, and a mysterious monk from the west named Ravenoak. They tracked down Nightwinter, having learned from Ravenoak that she was, in fact, a cultist in a monastic order called the Descendants of Doraz, hell-bent on returning Devils to their place of power on the mortal plane and in turn ruling mankind as their lieutenants. They slew the evil monk, and discovered a coded, sparsely-detailed list of apparent contacts in various towns around the region.

Other towns had suffered similar plagues of lycanthropy, and the Duke charged Cpt. Finniggan and company with determining the cause. They tracked down Nightwinter’s contacts and pieced together the frightening reality: her cult had managed to acquire a powder that could bring out the darkest part of peoples souls…lycanthrophy was a side-effect. They intended to use the powder to not only throw off local resistance, but to create a shock force to spearhead the invasion of fiendish forces they had begun to summon forth from the Pit.

The posse’s investigation threatened to reveal the Descendants’ plan prematurely, and the cult was forced to strike earlier than they had intended. A horde of werewolves, wererats, and other lycanthropes assaulted the town of Garrenburg and nearby Amerland iron mine. Shortly into the battle, a host of devils appeared alongside the Descendants of Doraz. The townsfolk of Garrenburg, led by Finniggan and his compatriots, were able to hold-off against the assault, albeit with a horrible loss of life and humanity. The captain himself was permanently crippled in the battle after charging against a pair of ice devils. Seraphina was scarred for life defending the non-combatants as they took shelter in the mines, she & Sen alone fended off a ravenous pack of werewolves.

Garrenburg rebuilt, but it will never be free of the horrors that befell the town. Much of the population lives with lycanthropy, and it has disturbingly been inherited by many of their children and grandchildren. Queen Mailoki recognized the sacrifice and bravery of the town in her final royal decree shortly before her own passing five years later. However, the heroes of Garrenburg refused to leverage their status, having lost so much in the disaster. Most of the town would rather forget the tragedy ever occurred.


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