The Kenoran Empire

Kenora. The very word would evoke shivers down any man versed in history. Before the Council of Seven united the people of the middle lands into the Kingdom of Osil, in a time before the Tradeways connected the land, there was Kenora. A dark empire, fueled by brimstone and led by devils, spread across the land like a cloud. In this time, evil men served dark lords, and in their service committed heinous violations of human dignity. Slavery was widespread and brutal, but none dared to revolt for fear of the reprisals fueled by Hell itself. The only thing stopping Kenora from spreading over the entire land was constant war with the Dwarves of Algrinor. The hearty miners waged a constant battle with the devil lords, striking at exposed locations, luring the monstrous minions into traps, and preventing the empire from claiming any mines in foothills of the mountains where the richest deposits lay.

Kenora grew more impatient, their attacks more vicious and they eventually allowed their anger to blind them. As they focused more and more attention on the dwarves to the north and the elves nipping at their expansion to the southeast, they did not see the rising boldness of their slaves. Several minor revolts were stamped out without much trouble. One of these revolts, though, was unique. The slaves were allowed no weapons, so they learned to wield their tools as such. One group began calling themselves the Flying Sickles, they escaped their chains after a violent uprising, using their sickles to slice down the slavers, according to legend. They were led by Agus Tevidus, a slave who lost everything to his captors and lived to see their end. They were never recaptured, and they continued to make guerrilla attacks on other slave holders, adding more and more to their ranks with every success. They were left unchecked for too long before the leaders of Kenora discovered the true threat they posed.

After five years of fighting, in concert with the dwarves, the elves, and the Halflings, the dark empire of Kenora was toppled, its infernal masters banished to their burning homes. The fight for freedom was not easy. Many hundreds of slaves lost their lives in the fighting, including Agus Tevidus himself, said to be the final casualty of the war. When the Flying Sickles assaulted the unholy bastion of nuratozat, the seat of the empire, he led the charge. In the final battle with Tazgin’Ra (dark lord of the empire, and a powerful Pit Lord), Agus was supposedly slain by the fiend as he threw all of his life energy into his blessed sickle, driving it into the beast’s black heart. Tazgin’Ra was not banished like his kin, the last effort of Agus had enough power that it slew the Beast for all eternity. This proved a strong deterrent against further invasion by all immortal beings, to whom actual death is a much more frightening prospect than it is to mortal races. Though this was and still is in many places the accepted historical fact, in reality Tazgin’Ra and Agus Tevidus were both trapped inside Agus’s enchanted sickle for nearly three millenia, when it the two halves were dug from hiding by mysterious, likely infernal, forces and joined together. The true death of Tazgin’Ra did not occur until quite recently, and death of Tevidus in the same moments lead to his deification and rebirth as a minor deity of Vengeance.


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