Outer Lands

Western Lands

Far to the west beyond the Delldund Forests and the Flats of Sadiz, an unnamed inland sea and the sandy dunes of the Benin desert for which the desert people are named, lay lands largely unknown to the people of Henal. A few legends and myths circulate among bards and scholars, of mystics with feathers instead of hair, bug-like humanoids, a monster called the Terrasque (said to be the incarnation of the world’s end), and an entire city that floats miles above the earth, whose soldiers ride upon dragons.

Kallen Ocean & Eastern Isles

Among the maritime traditions of Henal are sailors’ stories that tell of undersea kingdoms, a city built on the back of a creature so massive one cannot see its tail from its head, and isolated island nations populated by everything from angelic women to crystaline people who communicate in flashes of color. There are legends of an immortal living storm known as the Tempest that roves the oceans, alternately described as a Deity or a rift between the mortal and elemental planes.

Sioline Seas

South of Henal are blood-warm seas speckled with the remains of a continent torn asunder. The scattered islands, some bare stone, some active volcanoes, and still some others strangely frozen, glacial landscapes that exist in temperate climates, are rarely traveled to, and believed to be entirely uninhabited. What they once were, and what occurred to make them as they are, remains a mystery. The few brave vessels that have attempted to explore the islands either do not return or are forced to turn back when met with unforseen disasters. Superstition now makes it very difficult to find crews willing to join such endeavors, let alone benefactors willing to fund them.

Outer Lands

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