Queen Mailokis Rise

The Automaton Army

   Nearly 150 years ago, a series of events was set into motion that would forever change the character of Osil. Struggling to maintain the kingdom's cohesion amidst growing debt from the construction of the Tradeways, deteriorating relations with the dwarven Clanlords, and a frightening series of civil wars among the neighboring Beninite clans, King Agus II faced a great deal of discontent from his court.  

    The Duke of Isles, Ferdinand McCalib, was a particularly venomous detractor of the crown. In secret, he'd been searching for three artefacts believed to be the mechanisms of controlling a fabled army of golems long-buried in the central forests. One of his agents located a circlet in a remote village near Huttel's reef on Osil's southeastern coast. In acquiring it, he inflammed the locals, among whom lived an impoverished Seafolk cleric and an eccentric gem-mage. They hired a local hunter and set off in pursuit of the brigand. Along the way, they enlisted the assistance of a pair of elven warriors hunting worgs in the forests.

   Over the next months, the elves Xanaphia and Bael, along with the cleric Mailoki and Gem Mage Cara Fletcher on her elemental companion Glaboosh would unravel a conspiracy that would threaten the entire kingdom. Along the way, they would battle the Duke's agents as they set plagues of zombies loss in the country-side to draw away the army, set the syndicates of Sandwatch against one another to distract the West Watch, and finally assemble and army of rebels at the ancient burial chamber of the Automaton Army.

    While operating in Sandwatch, Mailoki, and everyone else, was shocked when parts of the city began reacting to her presence. Panic erupted when the city's plaza's changed color as she walked through them, and unknown passageways and whole halls opened to her presence. The only explanations came from an academic living in Sandwatch who determined that Mailoki was descended from the lost Dynasty of Melune, the patriarch of which was a member of the Council of Seven that founded the kingdom centuries before. Through conflict and the mire of history, her once-powerful seafolk kin (who had once intermarried with the royal family) had been reduced to relative poverty and obscurity. Now, with a king struggling to maintain control and rebels openly defying the crown, the cleric was heralded as a hero destined to unite the kindgom once again, as her forefather had done at the Council of Seven.

    Though history often omits the fact, Mailoki Seabreeze had no interest in begin a queen, and at first refused the title and denied the claims. The response of Sandwatch's very construction to her presence, however, overruled whatever desires she may have had to remain a backwater priest. In the final battle with Duke McCalib, it was Mailoki of drove her trident into the Duke's chest, just as his immortal army began to march from their tomb.

     After the battle was won, Mailoki and her companions determined that the automaton army was too great a threat to lasting peace to be allowed to exist, and they destroyed the artefacts of control that the former Duke of Isles had collected. The now-useless army was reburied, and its name ordered stricken from all records and maps. Mailoki was hoisted on the shoulders of the people, so to speak, and the King, drained by the rebellion and sensing his chance at a legacy of honor rather than disgrace, abdicated the throne to the seafolk cleric still in her twenties. Despite her inexperience, Queen Mailoki ruled for another seventy years and was successful in reinvigorating the nobility with a sense of duty and the people with a sense of unity until her passing seventy-five years ago. The current King Agus IV, while not seafolk, is a direct descendant of Queen Mailoki Seabreeze. The seafolk people enjoyed a brief period of influence, but their own sense of simplicity and lack of political skill has seen them return to a more stable reputation as artistic fisher-folk; though still more respected than in the past.

     Bael and Xanaphia would go on to further exploits, training the Royal Army, fighting against the undead, and later in their lives joining an expedition into the southland jungles to fight against the reptilian lich Kaiko-Maz as he tried to raise his dead empire to conquer the southern tribes.

    During the chase of Duke McCalib, Cara Fletcher encountered the spirit of Agnatheron the Sunfinder, a long-deceased wizard who'd attempted immortality by freeing his spirit to inhabit the minds of those gifted in the arcane arts. It took far longer than the narcisistic wizard anticipated for a worthy mage to seek out his tomb, and by the time Cara unintentionally allowed Agnatheron to inhabit her consciousness, he had gone quite mad. While retaining a great deal of his arcane knowledge and experience, his dominating personality and much of his power had greatly diminished. He would continue to inhabit Clara for several years before his musings and obsessions became intolerable and she evicted his presence from herself. Ever since, Agnatheron the Sunfinder, who now calls himself "Sunny", has been acquired and shed by dozens of wizards seeking to gain from his knowledge and experience and, like Cara, becoming disillusioned with his maddening presence. On occasion, Sunny has found a host disagreeable or uncooperative with is oft-inane or ill-advised projects and left of his own will for a more agreeable scholar.

Queen Mailokis Rise

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