the Centurion

Colossal water vehicle
Squares: 24(Length Over All (LOA): 40’ x Beam: 15’)
AC: 2 Hardness: 5
HP: 360
Base Save: +0
Maximum Speed: 190 ft (current) or 60 ft (muscle); Acceleration: 40 ft (current) or 20 ft (muscle)
CMB: +8; CMD: 18
Ramming Damage: 8d8
The Centurion is a solid-built sloop less than twenty years old, having seen a good amount of sea time during that period operating as a merchantman up and down the Sapphire Coast. She has an open hold below her single deck, and a small forecastle with barely enough room for her standard crew of seven in uncomfortable proximity. The sterncastle has a peaked roof, and houses the modest captain’s cabin and the wardroom.

The wardroom has four fold-down cots for the ship’s officers, a chart table on pulleys which secures against the ceiling, and inventive storage space in the walls and bench seats. Below the wardroom and captain’s cabin are the ship’s stores, large enough to accommodate about two week’s water and food rations and a few spare parts or tools.

Her single mast stands proud and slightly forward, allowing access to the single main hatch. The small foredeck is only large enough for a few men atop bundled sails, and the bowsprit extends a mere six feet from the bow over the shield-bearing soldier figurehead.

Propulsion: Current(air; 1 mast, 30 sq of sails, hp 150) or Current(water) or Muscle(pushed; 24 Medium rowers)
Driving Check: Profession(Sailor) +7 to the DC
Foreward Facing: bow
Driving Device: Helm (steering wheel)
Driving Space: 9 sq surrounding the Helm on the weatherdeck.
Crew: 7 min/15 max
Decks: 1
Waterborne Speed: 5 knots
Weapons: None (Space for 4 Large direct-fire siege engines, 2 on each side.

Downtime Rules

Ship (rooms): Bedroom (1), Storage (5)
Crew (teams): Sailors (1)
Earnings (sailing): gp ; Earnings (ashore): gp, Labor , Goods

Derived Costs/Charges

Normal Operating costs (per mile):
Normal Charges (per mile):
h3. Normal Pay Scale

Captain: 20% earnings
Officers: 20% earnings (split amongst them)
Able Seamen: 3 sp/day
Junior Sailors: 1-2 sp/day
Company/Owner: Remainder of Earnings.


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