Sails & Sabres

Henal has witnessed upheaval and warfare on an untold scale in its long, bloody history. The great tyrannies and golden empires of the past rose and fell with the fates and blood of kings and peasants alike. Magic dances along the land in complicated patterns, unseen to the untrained eye, but leaving its mark just the same.

The power and wealth of these lands has given rise to discovery, trade, and ways of travelling long distances for both. The days of the wainwright’s high status are in wan, as the shipwright basks in the glory of the day. Upon a shrouded podium at his side stands the gunsmith, wreathed in snapsand smoke and a combination of awe and terror.

Together these agents of commerce and war are reshaping the lines of the continent, and redefining the limits of civilization. It is a time of great turmoil, where brilliant success and abject failure lay a wave-crest apart. The men and women on the leading edge of the new age are beset by dangers ancient and newborn.

The sea, storms, pirates, enemy soldiers, and the failings of mortal souls all cross paths on the decks of tall ships flying the flags of change. These are people of courage and ingenuity, survivors driven to amazing feats in crisis. These are a people of sails and sabres, living and dying with dreams held tightly in one hand as the other grasps hilt or halyard. Their successes, and their failures, will chart the course of history.

Sails & Sabres

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